Becoming a University Student

By entering into a university is not enough to be a university student. One should add many credentials in his/her profile to be a university student. A university student should be creative, active, and above all he/she be master in a particular subject and at the same time he/she has to keep knowledge about all subjects.

In the universities students usually admitted in a particular subject. It’s purpose is that s/he will be the master of that discipline. But if you read a subject or go to analyse, you must have to take other subjects or you should have to have a holistic view about knowledge. One thing you can evaluate in various ways i.e social view, political view, economic view, religious view etc. So all matters are like human organs and cannot be discussed without others.

A university students purpose is to express themselves. Every student will become great in their position. And the purpose is to make an intellectual property. It can be said that the university is not responsible to you but you are responsible to your university. This attitude would be the key to the progress of our country. Former President of USA John F Kennedy says that ‘ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

People are the true power in a sovereign country. The more one take responsibility the more power he or she can possess. And the young generation is more responsible for their country. In every age, in every crisis those are young people who take the maximum burden. Especially the role of university student is of premium importance. They actually lead the premium body of the nation. If they are not fit enough to fulfil the demands the nation will suffer, the country will be paralysed and peoples’ lives will be on risk.

That’s why Bangladesh gives an emphasized role on education. Even it is clearly mentioned in our constitution. In our constitution education is highly prioritized for every people. We will find in the article 17 that:

Free and compulsory education: The state shall adopt effective measures for the purpose of-

a. establishing a uniform, mass-oriented and universal system of education and extending free and compulsory education to all children to such stage that as may be determined by law;

b. relation between education to the needs of society and producing properly trained and motivated citizens to serve those needs;

c. removing illiteracy within such time as may be determined by law.

So, as a member of a sovereign country everyone should perform their responsibilities.

At the beginning of university life, a student cannot understand the education style. So, they practice memorising without understanding and as a result they don’t find their interest in study. As they are not interested in their study they never be satisfied with their subject.

The cure of that crisis is to read a more. If a student follow the guidelines of teachers and seniors and make a habit of regular reading and go to library for extensive reading on different discipline he or she will soon find his or her interest. With possessing a holistic view of different discipline one can have a better view on his/her discipline. Then s/he should focus on his/her discipline. If s/he reads at least ten thousand pages in his discipline s/he could have a better grip on his/her discipline!

The necessary question may arise, ‘why to read?’ Because you are a rational being. And rationality comes from reading. Through reading you can not only enlighten yourself rather you will enlighten your race, society and country and even the world at large! The light of education is not limited. You can increase it as you wish. A university student should have this unquenchable thirst for knowing more and more.

When your reading will be relevant?

When you read something and comprehend what you read and you can express what you read your reading will be effective. Sharing is also as important as gathering knowledge. The knowledge you gather might not always be correct. If we share, it will be polished and our knowledge can be more genuine. By sharing one can go near to the right kind of knowledge.

If we look back when we were in colonialism, British governor established the education system in Bengal and Indian Subcontinent. Though they start the education only for their opportunistic goals it come with some good things as well. Some of the towering figures like Raja Rammohan Roy, Ishshor Chandra Bidyasagar, Michael Madhusudan Dutt spreaded the light of education. They were able to understand the value of western education. They had to have hard times with the local Indians on pursuing English or western education. India was deeply rooted in their long traditions and religious basements. Those reformers had to go a long way to make the people understand the value of European education. Henry Louis Vivian Derozio (18 April 1809 – 26 December 1831) and young bengals were some of the guys who vehemently stood against what is Indian and appreciated what is western. They quite shaken the stagnant Indian society and as a result they were widely criticised!

Here we will notice that though the men were getting education but the women were out of the border. At the end of the 19 the century Begum Rokeya appeared in the stage. She played a pivotal role in empowering woman and spreading education among women. Because of her hard work and strong will many women could receive education. Nowadays in almost all the educational institutions half of the students are women. Women are also entering into the job sectors hand in hand with their male counter part. Rokeya’s name will be remembered with honor in coming ages.

In 1959 D. Muhammad Shahidullah said, ‘In any civilized country there is only one education system’ but in Bangladesh there are three parallel education system such as religion based Madrasha and Kawmi System, English Medium and General Education.

Though Dhaka University was repeatedly being termed as the ‘Oxford of the East’ but the standard and the quality of education is not up to mark right now.  DU placed 4922th position among 6000 universities across the globe!

But it shouldn’t be kept on going uninterrupted. Dhaka University is one of the rarest university of the world who is responsible for the birth of an independent state, its heritage is glorious and contribution immeasurable. As a student of this glorious university we shouldn’t let the name sunk into ignominy. The baton is on our hands. If we become conscious of the national and personal burden and do our duties properly than we can be a true student of this university. As a student of university we should ‘follow knowledge like a sinking star, beyond the utmost bound of human thought and we will strive, seek, find and will not yield! ’ (Ulysses, Alfred Tennyson)

Amatun Noor

Department of English, University of Dhaka

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