Book Review : The Kite Runner

Novel: The kite runner
Author: Khaled Hosseini(Afghan-American)
Publisher:Bloomsbury Year:2003
The novel encompasses with friends betrayal, redemption and peculiar affection of father towards his sons…
Amir, son of Baba & Hassan,son of Ali (servant of Baba) were two friends and they were fond of kite running. Hassan was much more adept in kite running than Amir. Amir was always discouraged by his father but Rahim Khan, Baba’s friend always inspired him & ignited him to writing as Amir also fond of writing. Assef, a boy, always castigated Amir as he socialized with Hassan,belongs to an inferior race Hazara. One day, Assef attempted to attack Amir but in vain as Hassan defended Amir. But another day Assef took his revenge against Hassan,but Amir didn’t escape him from Assef as that was a triumphant day and Amir won the tournament. Amir thought that if he would do anything, the affection father would lose what he deserved. Hassan was badly beaten & endured sexual abusement from Assef. Amir was suffering himself for his selfishness & to get rid of from this suffering he hit upon a plan to ward Hassan off the home.Finally, Amir did this charging him thief.
Five years later,Soviet Union attacks Afghanistan and so Amir and Baba refuge Pakistan, Peshwar, later America, California. Here Amir got married with fellow refugee Suraiya. In the meantime, Baba died from cancer. Fifteen years after his wedding, Amir receives a call from Rahim Khan, who is dying, asking him to come to Peshawar.
Amir came to know from Rahim khan that Hassan and wife were killed as he was against Taliban to forfeit Baba’s house in Kabul. Amir astonished knowing that Hassan was his brother. Then Rahim khan asked Amir to rescue Sohrab, son of Hassan, from an orphanage. Assef, as a Taliban official, chose Sohrab. Amir then rescued Sohrab from Assef, but he got persecution from Assef in a fight. Then, Sohrab defeated Assef with slingshot. Amir adopted him & got returned in USA. Here Sohrab presented him as a young Hassan(his father) & Amir ran a kite for him saying, ‘For you, a thousand times over.’ Amir is the narrator of this novel. The novel ended with never-ending accent ‘I ran’. What is con notated by the accent? From where he starts to run & what is his destination? It’s may be childhood. From the beginning of the story to the end we can see that, Amir’s childhood, specially his childhood friendship as he got found the shadow of Hassan (his friend) through Sohrab (Hassan’s son). Needless to say that nobody can escape from his childhood memories and its influence over his whole life.
Writer : নিখিলেশের বন্ধু

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