A Brief Introduction to Bangladesh Study Forum (BDSF)

Bangladesh Study Forum (BDSF) is the most active, consistent knowledge oriented youth forum in Bangladesh. It is organizing regular programs, activities to engage youth community through empowerment via knowledge. It is turning into a think-tank body for the youths of today who will determine the future course of the nation.

ASM Yunus Delivering Lecture on Enclaves at SAU

ASM Yunus Delivering Lecture on Enclaves at SAU

BDSF is a garden of knowledge where we help one another in the pursuit of excellence. We want a holistic development both personal and national level. By studying, analyzing, scrutinizing both national and global affairs we give our inputs there and will contribute to make a better and a just society. We find a deep connection among all the branches of knowledge and letting our members exploring this connection we let them nurture a love for knowledge and lead them to the pursuit of excellence where they will be able to bring the best out of them and come to the service of humanity. The ultimate goal of our knowledge pursuit is to have a humane, just, equal, transparent and developed society.


Background: BDSF is founded on 14 December, 2014 to commemorate the roles of martyred intellectuals who were brutally killed on the eve of freedom. To carry on their unfulfilled work and to bring back the nation on track we had started our journey. We believe our future will be so what we believe in now. And youths are the catalyst of change, hope for the future. If we can engage them in the nation building process.

Material posperity is not enough if it is not a society based upon knowledge, justice and equality. Whatever development we can make, whatever currency we gather can’t be saved, can’t be used properly if the emphasis is not upon knowledge and the pursuit of excellence. A nation can be a leader of civilization only through the practice of knowledge. If the society is not based upon knowledge it will be based upon superstition, bigotry, ignorance and stupidity. There is no future for such a nation, such a society.

In this regard the role of educational institutions especially of universities are of great importance. Where a nation will go can be traced by the status of the universities. If we look at our universities we’ll find few things to feel happy. But a nation can’t stay idle and wait for something to happen rather we need to strive for making something happen. BDSF is the outcome of that desire. It wants to engage the talented minds of the nation in nation building process. In 2021 Bangladesh will reach its 50th year of its independence. Don’t we need to judge and weight how far we have come and where we need to go? Who will determine this, who will work for this? Yes. The youths of today will determine the future. Youths are the mirrors of a nation. How far and how long a nation can rise can be read by the thinking and activities of the youths. BDSF is trying to connect and work with those youths of today who will shape up the events of tomorrow.

BDSF Events:

BDSF has started its work on 14 December, 2014 and from then it is working ceaselessly in the pursuit of knowledge, pursuit of excellence. The lectures, events and programs are attended by people from different groups of the society; from teachers, writers, journalists, activists, professionals and students from different universities of the country. BDSF arranged 65 weekly public lectures in the historical place DUCSU. Those lectures had a great impact on the knowledge practice scenario of the University of Dhaka. They are bringing positive changes all around. Apart from weekly lectures BDSF also arranged five special lectures where leading scholars and academics were present.

Stuady Camp 2015: Rajshahi

Stuady Camp 2015: Rajshahi

Study Camp: BDSF also arranged four study camps. BDSF team has visited Rajshahi University, Jahangirnagar University, Comilla University and Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University. In a study camp in old Dhaka we have visited historical sites over there and arranged a special lecture event in Kobi Nazrul College.

The purpose of study camp is to add pleasure and beauties in studies and to connect people from different universities and different disciplines. We can hope for a holistic development when people from different disciplines connect themselves and work together. We’re also setting some standards to the university students and teachers how a study tour and  study camp can be arranged and moderated. Study camp in different campus proved to be highly effective and enjoyed by the participants at large.

লেকচার শেষে ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় টিমের সাথে সম্মানিত বক্তা

লেকচার শেষে ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় টিমের সাথে সম্মানিত বক্তা

Reading Programs: Currently some reading programs are running in BDSF. To nurture and cultivate reading habit BDSF has started some programs for its members and volunteers. For the beginners the target is to read at least a book in a week. The name of this program is ‘A Book in a Week’. Those who will be regular in this program and develop a reading habit will be chosen for the next program. The next one is Target Twenty which we fondly termed as T-20. It is a program to read at least 20 books within the span of two months. Our first T-20 batch has completed its journey and 13 members come out successful in that program who had finished reading 20 books by two months.  Now these 13 members are reading to achieve the target of reading 50 books by four months. This program is named as ODI (One Distictive Initiative). After ODI there will be a Test Series of reading 100 books within six months. Some may show their disagreements on the number of the books but if somebody reads books regularly for a year it will be a part of their life style. One can be a mature reader by nurturing this habit. The benefits of regular reading is many and can only be felt by doing it regular.

ট্রেনে সাড়ে তিন ডজন সদস্য: রাজশাহীতে স্টাডি ক্যাম্পে যাওয়ার পথে বিডিএসএফ টিম!

ট্রেনে সাড়ে তিন ডজন সদস্য: রাজশাহীতে স্টাডি ক্যাম্পে যাওয়ার পথে বিডিএসএফ টিম!

Library Culture and Daily Adda: To make reading effective the members and volunteers of BDSF are suggested to read in the library and join adda afterwards. In our daily adda we share our reading and the problems and possibilities we encounter.

If we think we have a lack in our collections of books or lack of coins in the purse to buy books then library should be our place of regular visits. Actually it depends upon the thirst of a person. S/he will go and find the right kind of books on the way if s/he searches hard. We can make coming to library a part of our culture. What a great profit it will bring to our nation if we become successful in doing this noble task!

good front

BDSF is really trying to make coming to library to study a part of our culture. Our members are competing with each other in this business. Some of our members never missed any working day of the library. Now we focus on our new members to come to the library as much as possible. They are at liberty whatever they wish to read. Coming to the library and making it a habit is must for the beginners not the amount of time and contents s/he reads. After making it a part of their habit and life style we will focus on the content of study and will guide them with necessary guidelines.

শেরে বাংলাতে

শেরে বাংলাতে

We have a mobile library where a good collection books are there ready for sharing to our eager members. The number of books in that store is increasing day by day with the contribution from many dedicated readers.

We have some senior members who are expert in a particular field of their own. The junior readers or newbie’s can take help from them as their reading mentors. They go through an intensive care with an expert reader and learn all the details of reading, methods of reading etc. After that the readers are supposed to make library their second home where they are expected to pass a good amount of time.

Our daily adda is there for the regular readers who can share, argue, agree and disagree. This adda is becoming vibrant day by day with the presence and participation from different section of society. In the adda we share knowledge and also create it. Knowledge creation is the ultimate goal of an educational institutions especially universities. If the society is based on knowledge and not on bigotry and superstition then we can hope a better society. Daily adda is a effective platform for knowledge practice, knowledge sharing and knowledge creation.

Future Plan: We have a vibrant website which can be reached here: www.bdsfbd.com. We hope it will be leading website with the participation from all across nation. It will be a hub for sharing of knowledge and ideas. We will have a you tube channel via which we can reach remote corners of the globe. We will make some short and effective lectures on different topics which will come handy for the students of different schools, colleges and universities. By using technology we can provide quality education all around. We’ve already made a strong connection and bond among brilliant minds from different universities and disciplines. If we can work together of course some positive changes will come. We also want to make short films and documentaries on important social and national issues. Because we’re living in such an age where information technology is playing important role in the dimensions of societies both national and global level and there is no other ways to avoid them.

You all are invited to join this knowledge movement. You can join and contribute from anywhere of the country. Because knowledge has no boundery and in a age such as this it is truer than ever. We can work individually, separately or in a small group level in making a better Bangladesh. Whoever, wherever somebody is doing some good works for Bangladesh and its people BDSF will be there to appreciate, to stand beside and to work together. Actually, we all are different petals of a same flower called Bangladesh and working for the betterment of it in different levels.


Sabidin Ibrahim

mail: [email protected]

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