Purnendu Patri- When Are You Coming?

The doors are left open

Trees holding the invitation inscriptions

The sky adjoins the river

Like a passionate kiss, glitters in sunshine

When are you coming?

Time’s passing by my love, it is late already

Musty flowers desiccate in the yard

Every other people frilly walk by

To the distant carnival

Would you still keep me waiting?

A holy tithe it was today

Kinsmen and visitants occupy the households

Even the valleys have adorned themselves

Young in new greens

Whether you noticed or not-I do not know.

Alone and empty is my being, disgusting flies fly over my chest

Whichever passionate words I choose

From the scribbled thoughts of my mind

Are on the verge of sinking

Tell me love, when are you coming?

Translated by:

Shaikha Shuhada Panzeree

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