Forget It Never

Forget It Not

Forget it never
The Father of the Nation was murdered

to foil the trial of the war criminals.

Then to save the flag-bearers of religion in the murderers

The state was pulled into a pit of theocracy:
How puzzling is religion’s that role!
It stood against the state and prevailed over.
Confusions enchained life over here.

The state exists still only by being theocratised, forget it not.

What kind of creatures we are, think!


Sheikh Mujib seemed to me so stricken.

He became busy in sending back

The allied force that fought shoulder to shoulder

With us,

To please this quarter or that!

Heard that he sent monthly allowance to some senior quislings;

Flew all the way to Lahore

To win support of the dissatisfied Sheikhs.

How free was his country populated by

Faith-chained worshippers?

Where were liberal, free-sighted, unflinching people there?

We are told Castro asked Mujib about trial of the war criminals;

Then told him how surely he would die

At the hands of the assassins.


Afterwards, when he is assassinated,

A “freedom fighter” army commander came

Forward to open the jail gate for the war criminals. Forget it not, Selucus,

Where is the pride! How cowardly it is!
Translation: Liton Chakraborty Mithun


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