Love in the lacks: what is love

What is love? The definition is varies to person to person. It can be the matter of trustworthy, honesty, responsibility and so on. But what I think that is, “Love only loves them, who loves their love”. And I used to define in this way. Sometimes it can be different.

On Thursday, I’ve completed a book naming ‘Love in the lacks’, which is a story of love between human and a dog named Kip. The heroin who is Laura and her boyfriend Nick, first met at a shop which was belongs to Laura. Jo was her assistant. Laura and Jo, often predicted about their customers. For several times, Nick used to come Laura’s shop in the purpose of met Laura. Than the fall in love.


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Nick, sometimes want to pass his weekend at the countryside but alone. He didn’t allow his girlfriend to join with him. But Laura was different. Laura has had a neighbor, who was an old man. He had a pet dog which was Kip. Laura didn’t have a pet but for the sickness of that old man, Laura looked after the dog Kip. When Laura and Nick went to enjoy their weekend, Laura had the dog with her. But Nick couldn’t take it easy. They started to live in a barn, and the dog was in another room, where a rat poison bottle was available. At a time the dog took the poison and became sick. Laura wanted Nick to go with her to find out a vet so that the vet can diagnosed the dog. But Nick didn’t like that. After some time, Laura found a vet named Robert, who was met with Laura and Nick, when they were in a restaurant to take their dinner, and Robert usually keep silent and didn’t like to talk. However, Kip was finally got well and Laura often met with Robert, or Robert wanted to meet with Laura in the excuse of Kip. Meanwhile, the assistant of Robert, described a horrible accident of the Fiancee with Nick and Laura. So, Laura became to feel sad to Robert. Thus, moments by moments, Laura and Robert falling love with each other. On the other side, Nick becoming painful to Laura.


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At the end of weekend, when Laura and Nick was returning to London, Laura got the death news of the owner of Kip and fall in tension about Kip. She decided to back to Robert. As think, she went to Robert and Robert took Kip. This time, to return London, she went railway station, because, Laura understand that, she doesn’t love Nick and fall love with Robert. When Laura was in train, Robert called her to stop in next station. And she did it. Robert came to her and proposed her. Another love story started.

This is the short description of ‘Love in the lacks’. It might be a review. The interesting thing is that, Nick not liked pet and Laura too. They didn’t have any pet either. But, their separation was for a pet, Kip. And this Kip was the only reason to find out true love of Laura and Robert. This is why, love cannot be define.

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