Saimum Reza Appointed Chairperson at Dept of Law, East West University

Dear All,

We are very proud to share this exciting news that Saimum Reza Talukder, one of the founding members of BDSF has been appointed as the Chairperson, Department of Law, East West University today. He seeks blessing from all of us.

He worked as an International Ambassador for BDSF, then senior BDSF fellow and now he has been elected as the joint secretary of the central committe of BDSF.

More importantly, he is a thirsty reader, a knowledge hungry gentleman, an inspiring figure to his students and cordial one to his friends.

He is good speaker, good storyteller and a stand up singer who can sing even on the roof of a very fast bus!

On the roof of a bus headed to Puthia!

On the roof of a bus headed to Puthia!

Another fleather to his wings is that he is also a poet! A super multi talent among us!

BDSF is really proud to have such a poet, singer, scholar and academic in its team. We wish him all the best to come and good health in the upcoming days.

On the train to Rajshahi in our memorable study camp!

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