A Short Reading Guideline to the Fresh Readers

◾Try to take notes from your reading and write down whatever questions and confusions arose while reading.
◾If you make some instant comments and opinions while reading, write those down whatever right or gravely wrong it will appear at the end.
◾After finishing the book try to write something on your reading; a commentary, a review, a poor article or whatever you like. Don’t be worried about the standard and the quality of your writing, the strength of your opinion or the weight of your judgment.
◾After some years those poor notes, funny commentaries, shabby reviews will appear to you as rich pieces and will help you to write better than your earlier ones..!
◾That also doesn’t mean those will turn excellent pieces by that time!
◾But they will tell you the standard you achieved at that stage, how poor or little rich those are and how many things to work for and develop!
◾So never wait and start walking. We can walk only when we start it. And you find your own ways to handle your reading
Try to agree, disagree, fight, argue and make love with the author of the book. You may believe in the author if you like or you may not. It is better to develop one’s own perspective.
Remember! Reading is like body building. It becomes stronger through regular exercise

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