Study Camp in Old Dhaka in Short!

In life there comes some days when you live beyond your expectation, I should rather rephrase it `you live beyond your dream!’

Today is one of such days! Daylong Study Camp in Old Dhaka awarded me such a day! The Old Dhaka how near to us and yet how far it was! We’ve lessened the distance this time! We’ve explored all day along in the lanes of old Dhaka, the historical sites, the stories and myths and the difference between myths and facts.

Visits to an interesting site is always exciting and it is accompanied by loving friends and comrades happiness increases quite a dozen times. We, a team of some two dozens of people explored Old Dhaka all day along with TomTom, the traditional transport of Dhaka, learnt a lot, befriended a lot many friends, increased the volt of our experience.

I will not mention any name here who made the day. Everyone who participated contributed to make it a day as we dreamt! Thanks all of you!


Campus Diary, 28 March-2016

Photo Credit: Akhi

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